AI/Machine Learning Scorecard: Correlation Pass | Causation Fail

AI/Machine Learning lacks the ability to compute cause and effect. It is at the first level in the ladder of causation where learning is based purely on association. Judea Pearl, a leading computer scientist/professor of computer science/statistics and director of the Cognitive Systems Laboratory at UCLA, in his important book “The Book of Why”, explains that AI/ML in the current state, lacks human like cognition and cannot reason why. Read more to find out…

Who will the Google Assistant Serve- When No Man Can Serve Two Masters!

Sundar Pichai unveiled the new AI-powered “Voice Assistant” at the recent Google IO conference to an ecstatic crowd. But, let us take a moment to think- is this to be unequivocally welcomed? Who is the real master of our friendly Google Assistant?
You or Google? Should we be excited or worried about the Google Assistant?
Read more to find out… Who will the Google Assistant Serve- When No Man Can Serve Two Masters!

Why Zuck is right in thinking that we won’t pay for an Ad-Free Facebook?

What is the minimum that needs to be paid for an “Ad-Free” Facebook? $10, $5 or $1? If Facebook is a media company,  the closest paid media service is Netflix. The minimum subscription for Netflix is $8 per month. So, would you pay $8 per month for Facebook? That’s about how much you would have to pay for using ad-free, no data harvesting policy Facebook. Are we really willing to pay for an “Ad-Free” Facebook? Read more to find out….

Defending Facebook in 8 Arguments

Privacy Concerns are overblown. We are okay with our $20,000 purchase of a car being influenced by an ad targeted on Facebook based on our uniqueness, but we(media/ political parties?) feel moral outrage if we as a voter are exposed to targeted ads which may influence our political choice.As I write this,  Facebook stock is getting battered and many(govt. and regulators) are baying for its blood. However, I believe a defense can be mounted before the people’s court- the 2.2 billion people who are on Facebook.
Zuckerberg will bring in changes and we definitely will forgive and forget. Read my arguments…

#BuyAndTellPrice- Say No to Individual Price Discrimination

Ever wondered after snagging that deal on Amazon (45 % off!), whether it was the best possible deal? Did someone get better deal yesterday or last week? Worse still, is someone getting a better deal right now? It is now more possible than ever before for Amazon to price a product differently to different people (based on their assessed ability to pay or desperation/need for the product) at the same time, and no one is the wiser!  So let us start a movement #BuyAndTellPrice. Each time we purchase a product- not just rate the product but also write the price of at which we bought it.

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