I Got Your Attention- But it is worth less than a 10th of a cent (as per Facebook)

If you seeing reading this you just stole 4 Indian Paise (less than 10th of a cent) from Facebook. I was a willing accomplice in this theft because Facebook gave me this offer to promote my blog post for USD 3 to reach 5400 people (as you can see in the image below).
FB Promotion on my post

There is fight for attention, but attention itself is cheap. Now if this article has reached you, Facebook deigned that it could be of your interest. But I could have force fed it to you for just 4 Indian Paise (less than a 10th of a cent) 🙂 .

onetenth of a cent

Now you can imagine the stuff that Facebook has to peddle to hit its billions. Individually, you account for in cents, but with billions like you and me, it adds up to trillions of cents. This is the real law of large numbers in economics.

Attention is Cheap: Know Your Attention Rate Card

How much is your attention worth? Let us look at your attention rate card below and understand how much does Google or Facebook make from your views and clicks.

Source of Data: 

If you are feeling envious of Jeff Bezos for being declared the World’s richest man on 27th July 2017, find an Amazon ad that appears on Google’s both sponsored and organic searches, and click on the sponsored ad. Let Amazon pay Google for your click 🙂 .
Sponsored Amazon link

The Economic Agent in YOU

Even when you are goofing off in office surfing random internet sites, you are a still being productive economic agent- by making money for Google and Facebook. Let your boss say that you are being unproductive and wasting time. This should not depress you.
Remember,  even when you are idling in office(on internet), you are making money for someone, if not for your boss/employer. And this part-time wealth creation venture of yours is what enables you to read such fantastic content as the one that you just read 🙂 .
And, this is free! Thanks to Facebook and Google.

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